Anna Grace McNiven is an Australian actress, writer and director. Anna began her career in the performing arts as a contemporary dancer and moved into the field of theatre and film acting in her teenage years.

Anna has trained both in Sydney Australia and in Los Angeles. In 2013 Anna moved to Los Angeles and has since worked as an actress on theatre productions performing at The Hollywood Fringe Festival, and has worked on several productions with the ATC performing at the Matrix Theatre in Hollywood. Her latest film and television acting roles include: Out of the Mold, Mae 144, Cold Chains Hard Hearts and Bloody Hands, Traded, and Wait Crimes.

Anna has also written and directed two films in Los Angeles, The Appointment, which was nominated for best film at the 2013 Cinema At The Edge Film Festival, and Miracle Medicine. Anna has co-produced music videos for the band Buckcherry’s song Bring It On Back, Glass Candy's People on People, and Canadian Director Be El Be's videos for the artists Pimpton.

Anna is currently in pre-production for her horror film Noise Farm. Anna is also a current board member and judge for the world renowned Burbank International Film Festival.
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